Training to Increase Flexibility: Flexibility is one of the most overlooked aspects of cardiovascular and strength training. Having good flexibility is important for several reasons, primarily as a means of preventing injury and chronic pain, but also improving functionality in simple day to day regimes, as well as increasing efficiency and balance.

Static stretching at the end of your workout (during the cool-down phase) is an important means of increasing flexibility; however what if you are really inflexible or want to increase it further? Simply going through a quick 15-minute stretching routine when you wake up each morning can drastically enhance your flexibility as well as give you increased energy throughout the day.

An example of such a routine would be as follows:

Hold each stretch for 3 sets of 20 seconds each.

Standing Hamstring Stretch
Pull Arm across Chest
Standing Quad Stretch
Pull Elbow behind Head
Runner’s Calf Stretch
Butterfly Stretch
Neck Stretch – Each Side/Forward/Backwards
Both Arms Behind Back – Lean forward slightly
Both Arms Straight Up – Lean back slightly

**Remember a stretching routine varies completely according to ones health and fitness level. If one of the previous stretches aggravates a pre-existing injury then you should avoid that exercise and try to substitute a less stressful one in its place. Always consult your physician before beginning any sort of workout regiment **

There are many others that can be used in place, these are just some examples of stretches to hit all of the major muscle groups!