A great super-set for your chest and back is a modified push-up, done off of the side of a bench, along with a heavy one-arm dumbbell row. The advantage of the push-up on the side of the bench as opposed to a normal one on the floor is the fact that it then becomes a stability exercise, recruiting more core and lower back) as well as the fact that this makes it more functional. While your chest is resting from the push-ups you then work your upper back (lats) with a heavy dumbbell row. Remember, with the dumbbell row it is important to keep your elbow to a nearly 90-degree angle at the top of the lift to ensure you are recruiting more lats and less biceps for the lift!

The client in the video is using a 60lb dumbbell for the rows and is 63 years old – showing that you don’t have to be young to be in incredible shape!!