Does Cardio After an Overnight Fast Maximize Fat?

The above article is a good read on why doing cardio in a fasted-state is NOT superior to doing cardio after a pre-workout meal when it comes to maximizing fat burning.


Some key points from the article:

– Several studies show fasted-state cardio burns the same or less total fat over a days period compared to un-fasted-cardio

– Protein usage during exercise in a fasted-state is much higher, ie. you’re burning more muscle than if you’d eaten prior to exercise

– Studies show consuming food prior to exercise increases the thermic effect of exercise resulting in more total calories burned.

-Higher intensity exercise always burns more fat over the same amount of time compared to lower-intensity cardio – High Intensity Interval Training proves superior over low-intensity cardio for fat loss… Because of the amount of energy it takes to perform HIIT, trying to do this in a fasted state would result in a great loss in performance

– In highly trained endurance athletes (and individuals who perform large amount of cardio regularly), Intramuscular Triglycerides make up to 80% of fat burned during a 120-minute moderate-intensity cardio session. Reducing Intramuscular Triglycerides does not improve one’s appearance, this is simply an energy storage in muscle cells, it is the subcutaneous fat stored in adipose tissue that influences body composition. Studies show Intramuscular Triglycerides are used most at around 65% intensity cardio (low-moderate) – Higher intensity cardio is better for burning subcutaneous fat.