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Supplements for Increasing Strength and Muscle Mass



Above is an article, from the Strength & Conditioning Journal, on a few of the scientifically-proven supplements for increasing strength and lean muscle mass.  The article talks about four different supplements that have the potential to increase muscle mass, strength, power, and overall athletic performance based on peer-reviewed studies.

A few key points from the article:

– […]

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Fasted Cardio Burns Less Fat Than Unfasted Cardio

Does Cardio After an Overnight Fast Maximize Fat?

The above article is a good read on why doing cardio in a fasted-state is NOT superior to doing cardio after a pre-workout meal when it comes to maximizing fat burning.


Some key points from the article:

– Several studies show fasted-state cardio burns the same or less total fat over […]

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Chest and Back Exercise Combination

A great super-set for your chest and back is a modified push-up, done off of the side of a bench, along with a heavy one-arm dumbbell row. The advantage of the push-up on the side of the bench as opposed to a normal one on the floor is the fact that it then becomes […]

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Energy Drinks and Metabolism

Energy drinks are often suggested as a way to get “jacked-up” for a workout.  It’s obvious that adding stimulants (such as those present in energy drinks) can enhance the intensity of a workout, however, very few studies have looked at what happens with a person’s metabolism once they consume an energy drink, especially with respect […]

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Plyometric Long Jumps

Plyometric long jumps are a great way of enhancing lower-body power, speed, agility, and overall athletic ability. Even though these jumps are executed for maximum distance they actually go a long way in improving vertical jump height, which is critical for many sports.

As you can see, the above individual has a very smooth transition from […]

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