Winston Salem Personal Training offers training services specifically designing for team or individual sport athletes. At WSPT, we have multiple certified strength and conditioning specialists available to design and implement a high performance program based in scientific evidence and backed by years of experience. Each athlete will be initially screened and assessed based on a plethora of factors, such of which include the following:

  • Injury history
  • Training experience
  • Needs of sport
  • Specific goals
  • Time course to goals
  • And more

After the assessment, each athlete will receive an individualized, evidence based program designed to enhance their performance and decrease their risk of injury. Each athlete will be supervised by one of our certified strength and conditioning specialists to ensure the highest level of training is reached efficiently and effectively.

Have a friend or teammate that wants to join you? At WSPT, we offer small group training for athletes of the same sport, goals, and/or needs.